True meaning of the WOW signal

November 24th, 2019

Poland. Late seventies and the Wow signal.
Part Two.

More than forty years have passed since the event described earlier, which I experienced in my childhood. In retrospect, I can unequivocally state that subconsciously it had a huge impact on my life. I have been observing the development of science and technology for many years. Despite many advances and rapid growth, the standard of living on our planet has not risen significantly. Peace of mind, which is a guarantee of a happy and peaceful life has become a dream of many people all over the world, not only in countries underdeveloped economically. We live in a time of information chaos. I get the impression that many people are not aware of the impact of social media sites on a daily basis, keeping track of fast-changing information, a multitude of gigabytes of audio/video content and various other stimulis that result from an intensive life and the rapid pace of technological development. Do electronic devices capable of billions of calculations per second give us a peaceful and prosperous life? It certainly helps from time to time, but it doesn't provide that peace of mind. Our technologies enable fast communication over long distances, but we have to deal with traffic jams on a daily basis in big, dirty and crowded cities. A lot of stress and everyday problems is the result of a very weak use of technology to raise the level of of our lives. Moreover, the modern and global economic system does not guarantee peace of mind and financial stability. The lives of more and more people are focused exclusively on work and the need to earn more and more money, which doesn't necessarily guarantee a peaceful life.

For many decades we have been trying unsuccessfully to answer the basic questions of quantum physics, but on the other hand we are developing technologies to end life on our planet. The development of our civilization will soon reach its peak, but for most of us life here will be the only chance to exist in the Universe. We can only dream of being able to move our lives to another place. A mission to Mars may save the honor of our species, but it will only be an expedition to the neighbouring planet. Our civilization still lacks some very important and basic element, which has not developed so far. We need more and more energy to collide protons, we produce more and pollute the environment and more often Human being ceases to be the central point around which life on our planet revolves. Human being is the brain, whose development possibilities should be the central point of our civilization. In my opinion, the human brain is also the most perfect device for communicating with extraterrestrial civilisation. I do not think we will ever have the chance to construct something more perfect.

Due to my personal experience described earlier, I believe that our civilisational development is limited. Without help from outside we can reach a certain strictly defined level of development, but going further is possible only after reaching a certain state of affairs. The current chaos in many parts of our planet, also in economically developed countries, causes that many people suffer from various diseases and disorders. Stress, poor and unnatural food quality, environmental pollution and a great deal of information and stimuli make many of our species poorly able to cope with everyday life. This direction of development certainly disturbs the possibility of natural communication with the representatives of extraterrestrial civilization that built us. Nowadays we have huge radio telescopes to increase the chances of receiving some intelligent signal, but on the other hand we forget that our brains have been with us since the beginning of our existence on this planet and have been constructed in a way that enables development and progress in the understanding of the Universe. Otherwise, we would certainly be condemned to the fate of dinosaurs.

My childhood experience and the message from extraterrestrial civilisation are a strong argument for directing our knowledge and technology towards raising our standard of living. War and conflict cause suffering that does not serve development. The Second World War is the best example of this. Global conflict has caused not only material devastation, but above all mental devastation. Humanity has reached the point where scientific and technological development has enabled the destruction of life on a massive scale. In my opinion, this is the biggest problem of the modern world. I believe that we are not a civilisation that has a chance to survive in the long term. Far-reaching changes are needed in many layers of the modern world. In my humble opinion, we are perceived by extraterrestrial civilisation as a non-existent "minus I" type on the Cardassian scale, i.e. civilisation of technological development towards its own destruction. Unfortunately, I do not believe that we are heading towards "type zero". Rather, we are going in the direction of the "minus two" type, i.e. a civilisation which, despite quite advanced technologies, will not be able to survive in the long term.

The life of our species should focus on ensuring the stability and renewability of the system in which we live. It naturally guarantees peace of mind and a peaceful life, provided, of course, that we decide to use our technological achievements in the right way. Since our brains are the source of information about our planet for extraterrestrial civilization, we will certainly get a chance to develop further once the stability of the entire system and our planetary life is achieved. Without this, further development of physics will require only more and more energy and resources, and significant scientific discoveries will be used primarily to build devices for mass destruction and deterioration of our standard of living.